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Addy's Jams & Caramels

Addy's Blackberry Lavender Private Reserve Jam

Addy's Blackberry Lavender Private Reserve Jam

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Blackberries with majority of the seeds removed, infused with fresh lavender, and finished with fresh English Thyme. This is so delicious, and versatile. Good enough for breakfast, used in cooking your favorite, chicken, fish or meats, or just on your charcuterie board. I love it in a grilled Brie sandwich, this can be used as a pie filling, a glaze for your meats, or as a topping on your toast, muffin or biscuit. just on a biscuit.

  • MADE FROM the plumpest, most delicious California blackberries, Addy's Homemade Blackberry Jam is a delicious combo of sweetness and tartness.
  • ONE OF the most historically familiar flavors of jam. 
  • Addy’s products are made with no colorings, artificial preservatives, pulps, purees, or concentrates.
  • Non GMO pectins, Pure Cane Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free.

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