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Addy's Jams & Caramels

Addy's Apple Jelly

Addy's Apple Jelly

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Traditional and delicious homemade jelly with the freshest local apple mixture.  

  • Delicious alone or to enhance the taste of pies, tarts and crisps
  • Tart, crisp, combination of apples
  • Our Apple Jelly is perfect for all breakfasts breads, makes a killer PB&J and is a sweet addition to pan juices for sautéed chicken or pork
  • Made in the USA by the award winning Callander Farms
  • Addy’s products are made with no colorings, artificial preservatives, pulps, purees, or concentrates.

  • Non GMO pectins, Pure Cane Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free.

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